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    Purchases & Sales of Business Premises

    We can advise on the form of disposal whether by transfer of the whole or of part of the freehold or by creation of new leases.

    We deal with many acquisitions on behalf of buyers where the use of the property will remain the same.

    We also deal with intricate work where sites are acquired with development in mind. We advise on the best way to buy or sell a site. Depending on circumstances this could be by contract, option or conditional contract. There may be a need to purchase a separate easement or arrange the release of restrictive covenants or arrange insurance to cover such difficulties.

    On receipt of draft planning permission we can assist in agreeing the form of Planning Agreements including those under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

    Following completion we can advise on the infrastructure agreements that need to be put in place for roads and sewers and other necessary services.

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