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  • Call for Reform on Negligence Claims Against the NHS

    Paul Woolliscroft, Director commented, Health Leaders have today (2 February 2018) written to the Justice Secretary urging him to reform the payout system for negligence claims against the NHS in England according to BBC News.

    It is however worth remembering that “payouts” are only made to patients who have been the victims of medical negligence which is often needed by them to help them adjust to life following the medical errors and to get back on their feet. How would you feel if you or a member of your family were injured as a result of a medical mistake and were told that you cannot have all of the compensation that you or they need?

    Wouldn’t it be better for the NHS to focus on reducing mistakes in the first place rather than targeting the victims of those mistakes?

    Vast amounts of costs could also be saved if the lawyers who defend these types of claims on behalf of the NHS made early admissions of liability rather than stonewalling claims and denying liability where there have been obvious mistakes. This leads to increased costs as the victims have to incur costs establishing liability and issuing court proceedings.

    It is also worth noting that the Times headline today is “NHS forced to pay £1500 for £2 pot of moisturiser”. This is a separate but connected debate as the NHS would surely have more money for

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