A Significant Supermarket Settlement
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A Significant Supermarket Settlement

Settlement: £3,500

Our Client was at work in the bakery of a large supermarket when he slipped on a wet floor. This was caused by a leak from a faulty piece of work equipment (a proving machine) within the bakery.

The Claimant’s case was that the supermarket had been aware of the existence of the leak, as it was a long-standing issue that had not been properly repaired.

What Happened?

Our client landed on his back and left arm, sustaining bruising and soft tissue injuries around his back, as well as swelling to his wrist. All of this meant he was unable to work for three weeks. It took over six months for the back injury to recover completely, and 12 months before the injury to his wrist settled.

How Tinsdills Helped

As our client had suffered injury and required time off work, we submitted a claim to his employer who denied responsibility for the accident. They refused to consider our client’s claim or make any offers of settlement. Using our expertise, we reviewed all of the available documentation and advised our client that we believed his claim had reasonable prospects of success, and that Court proceedings ought to be commenced to further progress his claim.

We then drafted, issued and served Court proceedings on our client’s behalf.


Upon receipt of the Court proceedings, the supermarket instructed their solicitors to deal with the matter and we were then able to enter into discussions with them directly. We ultimately achieved a financial settlement for our client’s claim in the sum of £3,500.

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