Claim Following Zorbing Experience
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Zorb Ball Accident & Injury Claim

Settlement: £13,321.50

Our client’s husband had booked her a zorbing experience through the Groupon website. A zorbing ball is a large double skinned inflatable structure inside which the ‘rider’ is strapped and the ball is then pushed down a hill.

What Happened?

When she arrived at the Zorbing location, our Client was asked to remove her shoes and empty her pockets. She was then strapped into the ball but felt that the straps were too loose. They were not adjusted and the ball was then pushed down the hill with our Client in it.

The ball bounced and our client’s right shoulder hit the ground causing her a significant injury which required surgery.

How Tinsdills Helped

We brought a Claim against the zorbing experience company alleging that they had failed to ensure that our Client was properly strapped into the harness and secure before allowing it to be pushed down the hill. The company refuted the Claim in full which proceeded all the way to a court hearing. They argued that they had done everything that they could do to make sure that our Client was safe and that her injury related to a previous skiing accident.


The Judge, however, found that our Client had not been properly strapped in to the ball and had been given no chance to raise any concerns about this before being pushed down the hill. He also found that our Client would not have been injured but for the failure of the company to operate the experience properly.

Our Client had offered to settle her Claim for just under its full value of £12,000 prior to the Trial. As a result of that Offer having been made, the Client received an additional 10% lifting her damages by £1,200 plus additional interest.

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