Elderly man fractures hip falling in carpark
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Car Park Fall Injury Claim

Settlement: £24,300

What Happened?

Our Client was an elderly gentleman who fell over in a car park as a result of a piece of wood having been left lying around. As he fell, he hit the kerb fracturing his hip which required surgery.

Because of the accident our Client needed considerable assistance from his family and it had a massive short term impact on the lives of himself and his wife.

How Tinsdills Helped

We brought a Claim against the owners of the car park for failing to make sure that the car park was in a safe condition to be used.

The insurers acting for the car park owners eventually admitted liability for the accident and we obtained medical evidence in support of our Client’s Claim. We then advised our Client through the process of negotiating settlement of the Claim.


The Defendants initially offered £11,500 in settlement of the Claim which our client was delighted about. We advised him however that the Claim was worth significantly more and to reject the offer which he did. Following court proceedings, the Claim ultimately settled for £24,300 – more than double the original amount offered.


Sam Myatt, Chartered Legal Executive, who dealt with this Claim, said as follows “This demonstrates the need to have proper legal advice when bringing a Claim. In this case the insurers tried to tempt our Client to settle his Claim for less than half its true value.

Without our advice, he confirmed that he would have taken the insurer’s original offer. He did not have the experience or knowledge to assess the value of his Claim which the insurance company would have taken advantage of. Our Client was ultimately delighted with the outcome of his Claim and the advice that we had given him”.

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