Faulty Shower Burns Holiday Goer
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Burn Injury From Faulty Holiday Shower

Settlement: £1,000

What Happened?

Our client had booked a holiday break through The Sun newspaper and he went with his family to stay in a static caravan. The shower was heated by a ‘combi’ boiler, in other words when the shower was switched on, the boiler would ignite and heat the water being fed through to the shower. Our Client was having trouble getting the water to the right temperature. It suddenly began to run extremely hot and he sustained painful burns to his lower abdomen and groin.

How Tinsdills Helped

Although he had reported the incident and the faulty shower to the caravan site at the time of the accident, our Client was told that it was his own fault for having incorrectly set the temperature. Although someone came to inspect the shower afterwards and confirmed that there was a faulty washer on the tap this was later denied.

We brought a Claim against the caravan site owners for their failure to inspect and maintain the boiler and hot water system but this was again denied.


After arguments and medical evidence having been maintained and disclosed, the insurers of the caravan site put forward an offer to settle the Claim in the sum of £1,000 which the client accepted.

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