Four-Figure Settlement for Fall Injury
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Public Pavement Fall Claim

Settlement: £5,035

What Happened?

Our client was walking along the pavement in Newcastle under Lyme when their toes caught the edge of a raised slab causing them to trip forwards and fall and jar their back which then caused a back injury.

How Tinsdills Helped

We argued that the paving slab ought not to have been raised and the insurers for the Council agreed and admitted liability.

However, once we had obtained a report from an Orthopaedic Surgeon, and after our client had received private treatment, the insurers for the Council would not make a reasonable offer of settlement.

The main area of dispute surrounded the cost of the private treatment and how much compensation our client ought to receive for the pain and suffering he had endured. Matters reached an impasse and we therefore issued Court proceedings so that matters could be determined by a Judge. 


The Judge reviewed the evidence and made an award of £5,035 in our client’s favour. The Council’s insurers final offer had been £1,530.

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