Poorly Erected Scaffolding Causes Multiple Injuries
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Scaffolding Accident Claim

Settlement: £25,000

What Happened?

Our Client was working on scaffolding at approximately 20ft from the ground when it collapsed. He sustained injuries to his head, chest and back with multiple cuts and bruises.

How Tinsdills Helped

We contacted the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) whose investigations confirmed that the scaffolding was incorrectly erected.

No safety catches were installed, the scaffolding itself was poorly maintained and essential safety equipment was not available to employees. The employees also did not receive proper training in the erection or use of scaffolding.


The defendants initially attempted to pay off our Client with a pre-medical offer of £8,000. However we obtained medical evidence, and the claim ultimately settled for £20,000 plus an allowance of £5,000 towards our client’s ongoing rehabilitation needs.

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