Retail Store Accident Claim
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Personal Injury Whilst Shopping

Settlement: £8,000

What Happened?

Our client was shopping for a new mirror and as she was browsing, a stack of bevelled mirrors fell and struck our client’s right foot.

As the injuries were sustained as a result of negligence, Tinsdills were able to submit a claim on behalf of our client.

How Tinsdills Helped

Our client was left with long lasting pain and shock like sensations on the top of her foot.

We were able to obtain an admission of liability from the insurers of the store and thereafter arrange for an appointment with an occupational therapist and appropriate treatment to be undertaken to reduce the pain our client was experiencing.

Once we had ensured that our client had received the appropriate treatment to alleviate the symptoms caused by the accident, we negotiated a settlement of our client’s claim.


The Defendants initially offered £3,182 and following negotiations and using our experience in dealing with these types of matters, we obtained a final settlement figure in excess of £8,000 on behalf of our client.

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