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  • Client Care

    Exceeding Expectations

    We pride ourselves on our track record of exceeding our client’s expectations.

    We have devised a framework for ensuring the highest level of client care. We call it our Client Care Bond. This is what it means for you:

    In our dealings with you we will:

    • Listen to your concerns and act upon them.
    • Give you an honest assessment of the work required and your prospects of achieving your aims.
    • Provide you with clear explanations of the issues and process involved.
    • Give you regular updates.
    • Suggest alternative, better or more cost effective solutions where appropriate.
    • Complete the matter within an agreed timescale and budget.
    • Be respectful and courteous towards you.
    • Ensure client confidentiality at all times.

     In our communications with you we will:

    • Respond promptly when you contact us. Telephone calls and e-mails will be returned within one working day. Letters dealt with within two working days.
    • Provide you with a direct line number and e-mail address for the person dealing with your matter.
    • Confirm who you can contact if the person dealing with your matter is unavailable.
    • Let you know if the person dealing with your matter is going to be away for any length of time, and provide you with alternative contact details in their absence.
    • Try to provide you with explanations of the issues and processes involved in your matter in a clear and jargon free way.

    In our appointments with you we will:

    • Offer you an appointment at the office most convenient for you.
    • Offer home and hospital visits if required.
    • Arrange appointments for mutually convenient times.
    • Try to arrange an appointment within a week of date of request.
    • Provide you with adequate directions and parking information.
    • Try to make you feel welcome and comfortable while at our offices and offer you refreshments.
    • Try to keep delays to an absolute minimum. We will not keep you waiting without explanation.


    If you feel that our levels of service fall below an acceptable standard, we will deal with any complaint that you raise promptly, sympathetically and fairly.

    Our Feedback

    We set ourselves challenging targets when it comes to client care. We remain the only local firm to publish their client satisfaction research on a quarterly basis.

    Below is a snapshot of what our clients think of us. The information and comments are taken from client feedback questionnaires received from clients when their matter has finished. Out of the 230 questionnaires received from December 2018 to February 2019.

    97.84% said they would consider using our services again.

    We regularly receive feedback from our clients. Here’s a selection we have received:

    • “First class service, promptly delivered.”
    • “Very courteous staff, always helpful.”
    • “Our solicitor’s knowledge, approach, advice and patience were excellent.”
    • “Grateful for everything Tinsdills have done for us “
    • “No stress or hassle and was made to feel comfortable and valued. Will definitely recommend.”

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