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  • Family Law “Truth” or “Myth”?

    Marie Proud and Karen Wilson from our Family department have set out to settle some long standing rumours around the areas of Family Law. We all hear people say how important it is to know what the truth is and what is a myth, so here are some common myths for you:

    “After living with somebody for 2 years they become your common law husband/wife?”
    “If married with young children you will be guaranteed to be able to continue to live in the house, paid by your spouse, until the children are aged 18”
    “Now being divorced there are no further financial claims between you and your ex-spouse”
    “On separation the children will always live with their mother and the father will spend time with them at weekends only”
    “We have been separated for 2 years so divorce documentation will automatically arrive from the Court”

    These are all Myths and here are some Truths for you and advice – It is important to ensure that when separating from your partner you receive thorough professional advice as it is far better to have foresight as opposed to regrets in hindsight.

    We care about people. Therefore we:

    “Offer comprehensive advice tailored to meet your individual needs”
    “Deal with all matters in a confidential manner with empathy”
    “Understand that each person wishes to deal with matters in their own manner whether this be face-to-face, by telephone or by email”
    “Deal with matters in the traditional manner, based on collaborative law and round-table meetings”

    For advice in relation to all family-related matters such as separation, divorce, children matters and finances, please contact us on 01782 652300 or email lawyers@tinsdills.co.uk

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