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Marriage is probably going to be the most important contractual decision of your life and yet people give very scant regard to any of its terms and conditions. It must be remembered that people generally enter into marriage on a wave of emotional buoyancy and any thought of a pre-nuptial agreement is the last thing on the agenda.

It has often been considered in the past that agreements made in contemplation of marriage were totally unenforceable in English law. The reason for this was that such an agreement (a pre-nup) was perceived to be an attempt to oust the jurisdiction of the courts and so be against public policy. However times are changing.

If you have assets (or future inheritance) to protect should your marriage break down in the future then consideration should be given to a pre-nup (made before marriage) or a post-nup (made after marriage).

We can offer advice in relation to the importance of a pre-nup or a post-nup and thereafter draft the necessary documents.

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    Why Get A Pre-nup Or Post-nup?

    postnuptial agreements

    There are a number of reasons why you might want a Pre or Post-nuptial Agreement, such as:

    • Protecting yourself from any liability regarding your partner’s debts.
    • Being sure to keep control of your business.
    • The preservation of assets belonging to children from your previous relationship.
    • The protection of inherited assets.
    • The avoidance of arguments over finances should your relationship come to an end.

    We regularly help people get the very best Pre and Post-nuptial Agreement advice for their specific situation, as we believe that the best decisions are those that are fully informed.

    We have decades worth of experience in Family Law, including the many nuanced elements of Pre and Post-nuptial Agreements. Thanks to our experience, we can advise you on the many options at hand to you. We have worked on some significant cases, both small and large in financial scale. No matter what your situation, be it a series of complex assets or something more simple, we are the Pre and Post-nuptial Agreement solicitor for you.

    “Thank you so much for all the work you have done on this case and all your advice, you truly are a wonderful person. It’s been a real journey, one I didn’t expect to be such a rollercoaster but we have had plenty of laughs along the way.”

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