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    Factory Accident Injury Claims

    If you have been involved in an factory accident you may be wondering whether you can make a factory accident claim for personal injury. Many people who are injured in factory accidents have concerns about their finances but also worry about bringing a claim against their employer.

    Here at Tinsdills we understand your concerns and aim to put your mind at ease. If you have suffered an injury in a factory as a result of someone else’s negligence you could be entitled to compensation.

    We understand how much of an impact an injury at work can have on your everyday life, that’s why we aim to help you claim the maximum accident at work compensation owed to you.

    Making A Personal Injury Claim Due To A Factory Accident

    Most factory accidents occur in the course of employment, and many of those injured worry about making a claim for fear of losing their job, or being treated differently at work. However, the law protects those making a personal injury claim against their employer from discriminatory treatment and protects their right to employment. In any case, your employer is required to have insurance and your compensation claim is likely to be met by the insurers of your employer, not your employer personally. It is important that if you have been injured and suffered loss as a result, you are fully compensated for that loss.

    When you get in contact with our specialist factory accidents team, we will provide advise about what will be needed in order to make your claim and can assist you in gathering evidence such as: medical reports, health and safety reports, photographs of the accident site and any receipts you have for costs associated with your injury. We will then identify who is at fault for causing your accident and who to bring your claim against. The next stage in the process is to submit a claim to the party at fault. This will outline all of the ways in which you have suffered loss and therefore, should be compensated. You may receive compensation for pain and suffering associated with your injury, but also for any financial loss suffered as a result of the accident. If you have had to take time off work, pay for care or rehabilitation or if you are now restricted in the work you will be able to carry out in the future, each of these will be taken into account when assessing how much compensation you might be due.

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    Our team of experts have years of experience in handling personal injury claims for injuries of all types, and can help you make a claim for compensation today. We are not only experts in the law, but we also pride ourselves on customer service and keeping our clients happy with our service. We have offices in Hanley, Sandbach, Leek and Newcastle-under-Lyme. If you want to begin your claim with us today, call us now or fill out our online enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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