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    HGV driver injured by exploding tyre

    Settlement: £80,000

    What Happened?

    Our Client was employed as an HGV driver and, as was his employer’s practice, was asked to assist in the inflation of one of the tyres on a lorry. He was using a compressor, with his face close to the tyre when the tyre exploded, causing him to suffer from temporary tinnitus, but also permanent frequent attacks of vertigo, which could not be controlled and caused him to lose his HGV driving licence.

    How Tinsdills Helped

    Our Client’s employers denied responsibility for his accident, suggesting that it was not his job to help in inflating the tyres and that he had failed to notice the tyre bulging before it exploded. Following the service of court proceedings, the Defendants attempted to negotiate settlement of the claim by making an offer of £45,000, but settlement was achieved a few months later in the sum of £80,000


    Tim Cogan who dealt with this case comments “This was a distressing case to deal with having regard to the affects that the continuing vertigo had on all aspects of our Client’s life both working and social. He sometimes fell to the ground, as the vertigo caused him to do on occasions, and people assumed that he was drunk. His employer’s insurers took a hard line in defending the case. What hurt our client most were the allegations made against him that the accident was his own fault”.

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