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    Hotel Trip Injury Claim

    Settlement: £12,500

    What Happened?

    Our client attended a small luxury hotel in Chester for an evening meal with friends. Upon arrival, there was a set of steps to negotiate which were of differing heights. It was dark and as a result of the insufficient light and the differing step heights, our client tripped as she was climbing the steps and fell. She fractured the upper part of her arm, causing her problems with her shoulder.

    Our client had to undergo shoulder replacement surgery which required a stay in the hospital, a number of weeks in a sling and 12 months of physiotherapy. She was left with ongoing problems with her shoulder which would be permanent.

    How Tinsdills Helped

    A claim was submitted to the hotel, as we alleged that there was insufficient lighting of the steps which made them difficult to see, particularly given their shape and differing heights. The hotel denied that they were responsible and stated there was sufficient lighting. This lighting included ambient lighting from a doorway some distance away, and two other lights further away.

    We advised our client that we did not agree with the hotel’s comments and using our vast experience of these types of claims, informed our client that we believed Court proceedings should be commenced as we were confident the hotel had breached the Occupiers’ Liability Act.

    We issued Court proceedings and liability remained denied, meaning our client’s claim had to proceed to a trial before a Judge.

    We will always support our clients in bringing their claims and pursue them all the way to a Trial where we believe the claim has reasonable prospects of success.


    Having heard all of the evidence, the Judge agreed with us and made an award in favour of our client for almost £12,500.

    Following the trial, our client stated “I would like to thank all those involved on my behalf. I can say without hesitation that the service I have received could not have been better. I was guided throughout by your team, making the experience (I would not say a pleasure) but informative and they were very patient explaining the process in detail.”

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