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    Supermarket Slip On Water Claim

    Settlement: £4,500

    What Happened?

    Our Client was employed as a security guard. He slipped on rain water which was on the floor at the rear of the supermarket premises. The water had dripped into the rear corridor of the supermarket as a result of items being brought in from outside when it was raining. Our Client was initially thought to have sustained a serious spinal injury and an ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital on a spinal board. He initially lost feelings in his legs, but had made a full recovery from his injuries within a year.

    How Tinsdills Helped

    His employers denied responsibility for his accident and in court proceedings our Client was required to prove that he had slipped and fallen on water as he said that he had done. His employers disclosed statements from managers which suggested that he had hurt his back as a result of a motorcycle accident the day previously. The case was eventually settled 3 days before the trial date, with our Client receiving £4,500 in damages.


    Tim Cogan comments “I found the attitude of the employers staggering. Our Client had been found by a fellow employee lying on the corridor floor in a pool of water unable to move his legs and was removed from the scene by the ambulance service yet the case was defended on the basis that his injuries were sustained in an unconnected motorcycle accident. This was despite our Client having being detained in hospital for 3 days while he re-gained the use of his legs. We did however get the right result in the end”.

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