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    Winter Sports Personal Injury Settlement

    Settlement: £37,500

    What Happened?

    Our client was visiting a winter sports facility and taking part in tubing, when she was unable to stop due to the short run-off area. This resulted in the tube impacting the middle of a wooden wall located at the bottom of the hill.

    Our client hit her chest, ribs, back and left shoulder on the wall and she took the impact on her left side of her body before coming off the tube onto the snow/ice.

    Our client required physiotherapy for the injuries that she sustained in this accident. Her shoulder symptoms did not settle and therefore we arranged for her to have private treatment in the form of an injection followed by further physiotherapy.

    Despite the extensive investigations and treatment our client’s injuries were not settling and a report from a Consultant Rheumatologist was sought in addition to the previous expert reports. The Rheumatologist concluded that the accident had accelerated our client’s fibromyalgia.

    How Tinsdills Helped

    A claim was possible as the run-off area was too short and the wooden wall at the bottom was not a suitable barrier for participants to come into contact with at the end of the slope.  We submitted a claim and the solicitors acting on behalf of the Defendant admitted responsibility.


    Having obtained expert evidence and appropriate treatment for our client, we then entered into negotiations with the solicitors acting on behalf of the Defendant and achieved a settlement of almost £37,500.00 for our client.

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