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    Injury Claims Outside The Portal

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    Exit Portal

    Your claim has left the portal because liability has been denied, the insurer has stated that they require additional time or no response has been provided by the insurer within the required time.

    Liability Response

    The insurer must provide a decision on liability within 90 days of when the claim was first submitted on the portal

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    Court Application

    If there is still no response after 90 days we may advise you to make an application to court for an order requiring the insurer to provide documentation.


    If liability is denied then a barrister will review your claim and the denial and we will decide with them whether or not we believe your claim is likely to be successful at court.

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    Medical Report

    If your claim is likely to be successful, Tinsdills will arrange a medical appointment for you to attend with an independent expert. The report is then used to assess your compensation claim.

    Financial Losses

    We will work with you to recover any financial losses we can identify and provide evidence for.

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    We will send court documents to you for signature and then commence court proceedings.

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