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Untraced & Uninsured Driver Claim

Being involved in an accident with an untraced or uninsured driver can be stressful. You may feel like you have been cheated, or be concerned about your finances as a result of the accident.

Here at Tinsdills Solicitors we have years of successful experience in handling Uninsured Driver Claims, in fact all types of road traffic accident personal injuries. Our specialist team can help you claim the financial compensation you deserve.

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    Claiming Against An Uninsured Or Untraced Driver

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    Uninsured drivers and drivers who cause an accident but cannot be traced, cause serious problems for many victims each year. However, you are still able to make an Uninsured Driver Claim for compensation under these circumstances.

    The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) acts as an insurer in the event of an accident involving an untraced or uninsured driver, meaning that you can still receive compensation for your injury.

    To bring a claim with the MIB against an uninsured driver, your claim must be brought within three years of being involved in the accident. Furthermore, it is important that you attempt to keep your losses to a minimum also known as ‘mitigating’ your loss. You should also report the accident to the police within 14 days of the accident taking place.

    Your claim will include compensation for pain and suffering caused by the accident, in addition to any financial loss caused as a result of the accident.

    Our expert team specialising in Uninsured Driver Accident claims will assist you in bringing your claim with the MIB, and will make a claim on your behalf outlining the circumstances of the accident, and all of the ways in which you should be compensated for your injuries.

    Financial loss known as ‘special damages’, may include; loss of earnings, medical costs, care costs, loss of future earnings as well as any other costs associated with being injured.

    If you have not already begun to do so, you should keep evidence of associated costs such as receipts.

    “Thank you for helping make everything as easy and stress-free as possible. We really appreciate everything you have done and all the hard work you have put in.”

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    The Most Popular Questions For Uninsured & Untraced Driver Claims

    You should make sure you report the accident and the fact that you are injured to the police and if it transpires that the other driver was at fault, or partially at fault, and did not have any insurance at the time of your accident, then a claim will need to be made to a body known as the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. We can help you through this process. 

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