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    Conveyancing Solicitor Negligence

    Buying and selling property and land is often a straightforward process, particularly if you have a knowledgeable conveyancing lawyer dealing with your transaction.

    However, conveyancing transactions involve many steps before completion and the procedure can be complex.

    As a result, poor conveyancing results in the highest number of professional negligence claims against solicitors compared with other areas of law, a trend that seems to be increasing as more people seek cut price conveyancing on the Internet.

    Each stage in a property transaction must be completed properly and timely to protect your interests.

    If there is an error in a particular stage, a serious problem could arise – and you may not realise the consequences until after the transaction has been finalised, when it is probably too late.

    Negligence by property solicitors may take many forms including:

    • Not taking into account clients’ specific instructions
    • Failing to undertake all necessary searches such as Coal Authority or Cheshire Brine search
    • Failing to advise fully on the extent of the land to be purchased
    • Failure to ensure the plan of the land is accurate
    • Failing to advise on the implications of joint ownership, particularly in the event of a relationship breakdown
    • Failure to identify defects in the legal title to or ownership of the property
    • Failure to register property at the Land Registry
    • Failure to advise on a restriction affecting the property
    • Missing an important deadline

    If you believe that your property solicitor may have acted negligently we will guide you through the process to assess whether you have a claim for professional negligence.

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