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  • Buying & Selling

    Whether you are buying or selling a property, or both, we can guide you through every step of the process and keep you up-to-date on the status of the transaction as it progresses.

    We will provide you with an accurate quote of all the costs involved in buying or selling your property, including our fees, all local authority searches and the land registry registration fee. We will fully explain the mechanics and timings of the transaction and liaise with the relevant agents, lenders and other advisers for you.

    We also provide you with a comprehensive purchase report prior to you signing the final contract documents. This contains copies of all your searches, your deeds, your property information form, your fixtures and fittings form and any other relevant correspondence.

    If you are buying a property jointly we can set up a declaration of trust that outlines the contribution made by each individual and clearly shows how much of the property is owned by each person. It also details the procedure that will be followed if one party wants to sell their share of the property.

    Boundaries and Covenants

    We can provide guidance on every aspect of your property’s title deeds, including the location of and responsibility for boundaries and rights of way.

    We can also advise on boundary dispute resolution and the enforceability of covenants and other related issues in your title deeds.

    Deed Storage

    We can store your deeds safely and securely for you at one of our local offices and allow you to access them whenever you require, all free of charge.

    Land Registry

    The Land Registry maintains the registers of ‘title’ to freehold and leasehold land in England and Wales, in other words who owns or leases land or property. Registering your property is the best way to safeguard its ownership – we can make an application for registration of your property’s title to the land registry on your behalf.

    If you have any issues with your title deeds we can make the necessary application to the Land Registry to resolve them, even if your deeds have been lost.


    When buying a property it is important to ensure that all of the relevant searches are carried out prior to purchase so that any important issues that may affect the value or security of your property may be identified. In North Staffordshire and South Cheshire in particular there are several searches that must be done including mining and Cheshire brine reports due to the significant amount of historical industry in the area which has caused damage to some properties. Your mortgage provider (if applicable) will also want to ensure that their interest in the property is protected and will require searches to be carried out.

    We can also have more specialist checks carried out for you, such as environmental searches, ground stability and planning history reports. We will go through the outcome of these searches with you and keep you informed of any areas of concern.

    We can arrange for all of these searches to be carried out on your behalf.


    Receive your free conveyancing quote, either by calling one of our dedicated advisers on the numbers below:

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    or by completing our online Conveyancing Quote form:

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