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  • New Chamber of Commerce for Staffordshire Moorlands

    In an exciting new development, a new Chamber of Commerce has been formed specifically for businesses in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

    Tinsdills Director, Peter Hamilton, is delighted to play a part in the Shadow Local Area Board that has been formed to ensure that the needs of local businesses are understood, and their views represented. He says,

    “This is a great opportunity for businesses in the Staffordshire Moorlands to take advantage of the support that the Chamber of Commerce offers.”

    “Tinsdills have been committed to operating in the Staffordshire Moorlands area for centuries – our Leek office was formed in 1760! – and we are pleased to offer whatever support we can to aid and encourage local business.”

    For more information visit:
    • www.staffordshirechambers.co.uk/moorlands
    • www.leek-news.co.uk/Staffordshire-Moorlands-businesses-join-forces

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