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  • The Lucky Pets who Inherited a Fortune!

    A will states the person’s last wishes and how that individual’s assets and personal possessions will be distributed.

    When thinking about the provisions of your will, most people will appoint Executors who will deal with your estate on your death and Guardians for any minor children and then go on to consider who will inherit your estate. Most people will quite naturally think first about family members, friends or charities. But what about our other faithful friends?

    Increasingly pet owners are making provision in their will for their pet’s care and well being after they are gone. Arrangements can be made for a pet to be left to an animal rescue or foster organisation who will ensure that the pet goes to a good home where it is loved and cared for.

    Making provision for pets is certainly something that is becoming more common, but here are a few examples of where people have taken it to a whole new level…

    The pets who inherited a fortune!

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