Tinsdills rethinking recycling and valuing community
Tinsdills IT recycling

Tinsdills rethinking recycling and valuing community

Leading local law firm Tinsdills Solicitors have once again demonstrated their support to the local community by donating hundreds of superfluous IT equipment to local charity, Community Recycling Consortium – Community Interest Company (CRCCIC). Not only preventing waste heading to landfill, but giving opportunity for employment, training and proceeds to people with mental health issues or physical disabilities in Staffordshire. 

Earlier this year, much of the company’s IT equipment was upgraded to accommodate new technology driven working practises, making 94 Windows base unit terminals, keyboards, 18 computer screens plus peripherals and associated cables, surplus to requirement. Keen that their ‘waste’ didn’t go to waste, Tinsdills’ IT Services Officer, Nik Lawton put his mind to finding a value-added recycling solution.

All the redundant IT equipment was donated to local charity CRCCIC, who recycles and refurbishes IT equipment to fund training and employment for people with mental health issues or physical disabilities. Based in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent the charity collected the equipment, took it apart to recycle and sold components such as motherboards, memory, power units, ram and metals. They also provided fully GDPR compliant certification of the proper destruction of the Hard Drives. 

All revenue is reinvested to the Community Interest Company which provides opportunities, confidence, training and employment for those most vulnerable in society. 

IT Services Officer, Nik Lawton comments, “Knowing that we needed to be conscious of minimising our impact on the planet when parting with our spare equipment, we started to evaluate IT recycling options. CRCCIC stood out and we were very impressed with their community ethos. The equipment was recycled free of charge, in a secure, legal, environmentally friendly and ethical way. Not only did CRCCIC provide a great IT recycling service, they provided us with added feel-good factor, knowing we were supporting such a great initiative in our local community. We would strongly urge others to donate their redundant IT equipment and put it to good use, we know the CRCCIC will certainly value the contribution.”

CRCCIC coordinator, Steve added, “We have supported 91 local people with various mental health issues with work experience and apprenticeships, over the last 7 years. 81 of these have moved to adult education or sustainable employment. To provide sufficient materials for our staff to work, we require around 1500 computers monthly, so we are grateful to Tinsdills and companies like them, for their ongoing donations and support.”

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