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    The legal industry has changed markedly in recent years and such is the nature of change that some can be good and some not so good.

    The whole area of personal injury and compensation is one which has changed more than most.  Sadly, many respected law firms feel that this vitally important area of law has attracted a bad reputation, and there are some companies who do, unfortunately, fit this stereotype.  However, we are glad to say we are not one of them.

    Personal injury is an incredibly complex and sensitive subject, which on all occasions requires trusted solicitors with a proven track record. It cannot be left to chance.

    We believe firms like Tinsdills, which have been dealing in Personal Injury Law for more than 50 years do not say enough on this subject, but we feel we should do as much as we can to guide and protect the public to ensure they get the professional advice they deserve.

    Long before the barrage of firms who see personal injury as a chance to make a quick profit; Tinsdills were acting for some of the country’s best known and respected trade unions. These relationships continue to thrive, because we deliver a service based on integrity and consistency.

    This reputation gained over generations, particularly in employers liability and occupational disease claims, has also seen Tinsdills being called upon to be panel solicitor members for leading legal expenses insurers.

    As a result we have represented many victims of road traffic accidents, some of which have been incredibly tragic resulting in both loss of life and life changing injuries.

    It is through this work that we have established links with and gained accreditation with the Spinal Injuries Association and the charity Headway. As well as becoming an accredited practise for the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

    These connections and all the work we do in personal injury compensation is deeply rewarding for our team, particularly when we see results, which help re-build lives for those involved in terrible traumas, and their loved ones.

    Our remit covers not only personal injury, but other areas of law including family, property and employment. As well as the Personal Injury Trust, Court of Protection and also work provided for personal injury clients in terms of wills.

    We are proud to say that most of our work comes through recommendation.  A trusted client who is happy to sing our praises means everything to us, and demonstrates that we continue to deliver a top class service to our clients.

    Good law firms are generally called upon in times of great need and any message we can give out to help promote great solicitors who adhere to the highest professional standards is not only good for us and our profession, but also for the public.

    Our personal injury and compensation lawyers are proud of what they do in helping innocent victims to gain redress and put their lives back on track. For this we make no apologies.

    If you wish to contact Tinsdills to discuss Personal Injury or any other area of law, we are happy to help. Please call us today on  01782 652300 or email lawyers@tinsdills.co.uk


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