How Do I Make a Medical Negligence Claim?

How Do I Make a Medical Negligence Claim?

Firstly, you should contact Tinsdills to discuss the nature of your claim and what has happened.

Then you should consider making a formal complaint to the other party. This could be a treating doctor or a hospital. We will then review any response.

We need to request copies of your medical records and identify the key issues to be investigated.

Next, we will need to obtain medical evidence from independent medical experts who will comment on breach of duty, causation, and your current condition and prognosis. Note, the medical expert may need to examine you in order to prepare their report.

A letter will then be sent to the hospital or clinician identified to be at fault. This will give details of your allegations, including a summary of your sustained losses.

We will then consider with you the response to your letter of claim.

We will then take stock and identify the issues between you and your opponent regarding both breach of duty and causation.

We will advise you about the value of your claim in light of the expert evidence and, if it’s possible to do so, enter negotiations with a view to settlement.

If it’s not possible to negotiate a settlement, then court proceedings should be issued. This could happen because of an issue over breach of duty and/or causation, or if there’s insufficient time before the limitation period expires.

Contact us to discuss your Medical Negligence Claim.