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Handling Estate Administration
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Estate Administration is important, and sensitive. It often comes at a stressful time for a family, and can have a huge impact on various lives going forward. Here’s just a few of the other areas our Wills, Trusts & Probate services cover:

Valuable Estate Administration Expertise

It is hard enough to cope with bereavement without the added stress of the inevitable paperwork that follows.

A typical Estate Administration will involve ascertaining the assets of the estate and valuing them, applying for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, paying any Inheritance Tax (IHT) that may be due or completing paperwork for HM Revenue & Customs to confirm that no IHT is due, paying all outstanding debts and liabilities and then finally distributing the estate to those entitled to receive it.

Even in an estate of modest value the amount of paperwork involved can be overwhelming.

We provide a sympathetic and efficient service to make the Estate Administration process as stress-free as possible.

We are often able to quote fixed fees for the work that we undertake so that you have confidence that the cost is manageable and transparent.

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    How We Can Help You With Estate Administration

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    Following the passing of a family member, the administering of that person’s estate is one of the more complex and crucial steps in the entire process. In some cases it can be made even more complicated as a result of the deceased leaving no Will, or perhaps their Will being deemed invalid for one reason or another. Here at Tinsdills, we can be your helping hand through every step of this process.

    Following the death, the family member’s assets will be distributed. In the case of a Will being in place and adequately updated, this process can be smooth and simple. Even then, it is highly recommended you use professionals such as ourselves. In the case of there being no Will, you will need an Administrator. More often than not, the deceased’s next of kin will fulfill this role. If this happens to be yourself, it is necessary that you distribute assets in line with current UK law.

    Here at Tinsdills, our vastly experienced solicitors can deliver expert advice on how to achieve this. We can answer all questions you might have relating to Estate Administration. No matter what the circumstances, we will help you throughout this process. 

    “Thank you. We were dreading the Powers of Attorney process but you made it much easier and less daunting for our parents. Thanks.”

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    “All relevant matters were conducted in a professional and friendly manner. Home visits were agreed well in advance and observed at the appointed time. By having meetings at my home was of great benefit to myself.”

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