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Our experienced personal injury claims team help clients with injuries as a result of:

Accident At Home Claims

Our homes are our sanctuaries, and we often feel safest there. However, unfortunately, as with anywhere we go, accidents can and do happen, and depending on the circumstances and particulars of your case; Tinsdills may be able to help you claim compensation for any accident at home.

There are often circumstances where, despite the accident being in your home, it is not necessarily your fault. For example, you may have been sold a faulty electrical appliance, have had some substandard building or utility work done, such as poor brickwork or bad quality electrical wiring. These are all things that can and do happen in homes, but are nevertheless not your fault.

As leading specialists in claims for an accident at home, Tinsdills regularly help clients claim compensation, and always strive to claim the maximum compensation possible in the shortest time frame, focusing on obtaining the best results possible for each and every one of our clients.

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    Faulty Goods Accident Claims

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    It is part of everyday life for us to buy new goods, whether it be a toaster, kettle, toolkit or other item. However, sometimes such goods can be faulty, due to a manufacturing issue, and accidents caused by faulty goods do occur.

    Here at Tinsdills Solicitors, we have years of experience dealing with claims such as these, and we can help you get the best compensation possible in your case.

    It may be that an item that you purchased has an electrical fault, overheats and causes a burns injury, or even a fire. In these circumstances, as well as others, it is very likely that you may be entitled to financial compensation due to any injury resulting from an accident caused by faulty goods.

    Our team of professional and experienced legal experts are on hand to talk to you and advise you regarding any potential claim.

    Highway Slips, Trips And Fall Claims

    When you are going about your daily routine, you expect the pavements you walk on to be safe, clear of obstructions and clean. However, sometimes, this is not the case, and tripping accidents on the highway do occur.

    Many such accidents are minor injuries such as cuts and bruises, but unfortunately, more serious accidents take place, such as head injuries, broken limbs and other injuries.

    In such circumstances, Tinsdills have extensive experience claiming compensation for tripping accidents on the highway. Our team of professional legal experts have a track record of successful claims for similar cases, and are ideally placed to advise and represent you.

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