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Right To Buy

Introduced by the government in 1980, the Right to Buy scheme can allow you to buy your council home at a discounted price. If your principal home is a council property which has been with a public sector landlord for a minimum of five years then you may be eligible for the Right to Buy Scheme. 

Your landlord will need to confirm that you qualify for the scheme and can then issue you with what is called a Section 25 notice; from this point you will have 12 weeks to decide if you wish to proceed.

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    Why Use Right To Buy?

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    Right to Buy may be an appropriate solution to get on the property ladder for those who are eligible. Tinsdills Solicitors have many years of experience advising clients on the Right to Buy scheme and we can discuss your situation with you to ensure there are no outstanding reasons why the Right to Buy option may not be available to you.

    Once we are aware of your current situation, we can advise on the discount that may be available and discuss your legal fees with you.

    If you’re assessed to be eligible for the scheme, Right to Buy can offer an alternative way to invest in your future whilst providing the freedom and opportunity to adapt your home to better suit you and your family.

    At Tinsdills, we help you every step of the way throughout your Right to Buy journey.

    “The service we received from the team was outstanding. They went above and beyond for us which made our experience of buying our first home as stress free as possible. Would highly recommend.”

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    We’ve helped many clients with the government’s Right to Buy Service, hear from some of our happy customers. 

    “The team at Hanley made the process very easy for buyer and selling a property. Everything was explained step by step with a very clear language I could understand. Thank you!”

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    The Most Popular Questions For Right To Buy

    It depends on the value of the property, the discount that the local
    authority offer and the amount that you are lending.

    Council tenants qualify for a right to buy.

    Local authority tenants can force local authorities to sell their
    council house to them. This is done with a discount – depending
    on how long the tenant has lived there – which have to be paid
    back in part or in full if the property is sold within 5 years. The
    council also have the right to buy the property back within 10
    years but they rarely do.