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We assist clients with claims relating to factory and warehouse accidents and for other accidents/diseases at work we also cover:

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Factories are often busy workplaces, where complex machinery is in use which requires specialist training and maintenance. An employer owes their employees a duty to ensure that they are safe whilst at work. When an employer fails to uphold the standards to ensure that their factory is a safe workplace, unfortunately, it can result in their employees being hurt. In those circumstances, Tinsdills solicitors can provide you with specialist assistance in helping to ensure that you recover any compensation you deserve.

Whether your injuries are due to a failure in factory equipment, a failure to provide proper safety equipment or train colleagues resulting in them causing injury to others, an employee who sustains injuries whilst working in a factory through no fault of their own should be entitled to be compensated for their injuries and losses.

Warehouse accidents will include not only injuries occurring within warehouse environments but also other workers involved in the supply chain which can be affected by how a warehouse is run.

Poor storage or stacking of warehouse goods can result in injuries to warehouse operatives, but also HGV drivers collecting or making deliveries of those goods. Accidents and injuries to both warehouse operatives, and delivery drivers during loading or unloading tasks are also common. Whatever your role in the supply chain of goods, you have the right to be safe whilst at work.

The nature of warehouse work means that lots of employees and agency staff can be working together, moving large volumes of stock, and operating heavy machinery in close quarters. All of which means that unfortunately, things can go wrong.

Specific risks to workers’ health, including manual handling of goods, operating forklift or picker machinery and working in adverse conditions such as cold storage environments, all require careful risk management to keep workers safe. An employer owes a duty to their workers to ensure that they are kept safe whilst at work. If an employer has failed to manage these risks properly, then injuries to workers do unfortunately happen.

At Tinsdills Solicitors we can offer you assistance in helping to identify what went wrong to cause your accident and help you make a successful claim for compensation.

If you have been injured in a factory or warehouse accident and would like to discuss how we can help you further, please get in touch to speak to one of our specialist solicitors today.

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