Cycling Accident Compensation Claims
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Cycle Accident Solicitors

Whilst your cycling accident claim will aim to recover damages for the pain and suffering experienced as a result of your injuries, it is also possible to receive treatment to assist you making as good as a recovery from your injury as possible at no expense to you. A claim can also include recovering damages for past and future losses you have incurred or are likely to incur. 

Cycling Accident Compensation Claims

The number of cyclists in the UK has risen drastically in the last decade. However, this has also led to a substantial rise in the number of people injured when they are out cycling.

Cyclists are exceptionally vulnerable road users; they are less protected than some other road users. As a result, the extent of the injuries suffered by cyclists can be serious.

If you have been involved in a cycling accident, our dedicated team of personal injury solicitors handle all types of road traffic injury claims. They can help you get the compensation you deserve and hold those responsible for your accident and injuries to account.

Common Cycle Accident Injuries

We have found cyclists involved in road traffic accidents suffer with injuries that have a lasting effect on their lives, with many people being unable to work or live their life as they would wish. 

Some of the most common injuries suffered as a result of a cycling accident include:

  • Head and facial injuries which range from cuts and bruises to serious facial injuries including fractured jaws and loss of or damage to teeth. 
  • Serious brain injuries such as brain damage, skull fractures and concussion can also be sustained.
  • Spinal injuries such as tetraplegia or quadriplegia, paraplegia or incomplete spinal cord injuries
  • Arm and leg injuries ranging from cuts, bruises, sprains to serious, life-changing fractures.
  • Chest injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to the chest area to rib fractures.  
  • Internal and abdominal injuries such as damage to the spleen that could result in a splenectomy, and injuries to the bladder or bowels. 
  • Psychological injuries such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), adjustment disorders which may result in avoidance behaviours and severe anxiety that have a significant impact on the individual’s ability to cope with daily living, or cope with work or social interactions and relationships. 

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    Making A Cycle Accident Claim

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    Enlisting the help of an expert solicitor can make all the difference when taking legal action, especially in the circumstances of cycling accident compensation claims.

    A skilled solicitor will be able to ensure that your claim is drafted correctly and that all aspects of your claim are included, so you are fully compensated for your injuries and any losses you have suffered.

    Making a personal injury claim following a cycling accident can be complex – especially if the person responsible for the accident does not admit liability, are uninsured or where the third party left the scene of the accident. Our expert team will assist in gathering as much evidence as possible and ensure you are compensated properly, even in such complex scenarios. 

    Our solicitors will inform you of all your options if you opt to make a personal injury claim and what evidence may be required to support your case. Evidence such as medical reports, photographs, and witness statements can all be used to build your case and support your claim for compensation.

    Here at Tinsdills, we have years of experience in making personal injury claims in court and can advise you fully on the process and costs involved in taking such action.

    Most cycling accident claims often settle outside of court, but you need to be sure you are getting the best damages you are entitled to. Our team will negotiate with the insurers or solicitors of the party liable for your injury and as a result of years of experience, will always seek to reclaim maximum compensation for you ensuing every element that can be included within your claim is compensated for. 

    If a suitable settlement cannot be reached, or where the other party does not admit fault, you may need to take court action to recover the compensation owed to you.

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    The Most Popular Questions For Cycling Accident Compensation Claims

    You can claim if the accident was either fully or partially the fault of another motor vehicle and you suffered an injury. You are particularly vulnerable as a cyclist and therefore other road users should take particular care to look out for you. Do not be too quick to assume that an accident was either fully or partially your fault. Please call Tinsdills and we will fully discuss this with you.

    You may still be able to make a claim following a hit and run bicycle accident. You should report the incident to the Police immediately and when you are well enough contact Tinsdills so that we can assess your claim and guide you through the process.

    There is no set figure for any settlement following a bicycle accident. Any amount of compensation will be based on what an independent medical report states are injuries caused by your accident and the effects these have had on your life. A set of guidelines known as the Judicial College Guidelines are then considered in light of the medical evidence to provide you with a likely range of settlements that you can expect.

    If a cyclist is at fault you still have a claim if you were injured as a result of this accident. The difficulty may be that it is not compulsory for a cyclist to have insurance and therefore there may ultimately be no one who has the financial means to pay you your compensation. Tinsdills can discuss these issues with you if you contact us following your accident.

    If you have a bicycle accident that is wholly or in part the fault of another road user, then you are entitled to compensation for any injuries, pain and suffering caused by that accident. This is known as your claim for general damages. You can also claim for any other losses such as damage to your bicycle, travelling expenses and any wages lost whilst off work due to your injuries. This is known as your claim for special damages.

    If a bicycle hits your car and the accident is wholly or partially the fault of the cyclist then you can claim for any injuries you suffer as a result. The difficulty may be that it is not compulsory for a cyclist to have insurance and therefore there may ultimately be no one who has the financial means to pay you your compensation. Tinsdills can discuss these issues with you if you contact us following your accident.