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Transfer Of Equity Solicitors

The equity of your home is the value of that property once any outstanding mortgage owed has been deducted.

A Transfer of Equity is when a homeowner wishes to either include more people on the legal register (deeds) for the property or remove existing people from that register.

A Transfer of Equity may, for example, be needed if a couple is recently married, if there’s a divorce with a partner or when you want to add your current partner onto the deeds.

Tinsdills Solicitors will be able to discuss your new agreement and provide you with a Deed of Transfer; we can also advise you if a remortgage is needed at this time to complete the Transfer of Equity.

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    The Transfer Of Equity Process

    remortgaging for property & conveyancing

    Once the title is provided to your legal professional of choice, we will provide a Deed of Transfer. To begin the Transfer of Equity process, this must be signed by all those involved. If there is no mortgage for the property concerned, the Transfer of Equity is less complex than a property with a remaining mortgage. 

    The Deed of Transfer is now supplied by your solicitor to the Land Registry. If the property is supplied with a mortgage, it is for the lender to decide if they believe the remaining habitant can afford the monthly repayments. This will then contribute to the overall decision – if the Transfer of Equity progresses. 

    Those who wish to change any names on the current property deeds are required to contact the mortgage lender, however, as with the Transfer of Equity, names cannot be changed unless the deeds are changed too.

    We frequently help people with transferring equity on their property. Our experienced solicitors ensure the process is handled as smoothly as possible. 

    A Transfer of Equity can be a quick legal process, provided there is no mortgage on the property. The main delay to the process concerns mortgages and is dependent on the lender’s decision – whether the remaining owner can keep up with the upcoming payments on the mortgage.  

    “We were pleased with the service we received, particularly at quite a stressful time of buying a property – our first home! When requesting further information from the sellers, they ensured they contacted their solicitors to ascertain this and prompted for more detail to be given.”

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    The Most Popular Questions For Transfers Of Equity

    This depends upon the circumstances and whether a lenders consent is required to the transfer of equity. The timescales can range from 4-10 weeks.

    In limited circumstances, it may be possible for the solicitor to act for both parties. Otherwise each party may require separate representation.

    A transfer of equity is a transfer of a legal share in a property. A common example is the transfer of the matrimonial home in divorce proceedings.