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    Whether you are looking to purchase or sell a property at auction it can be a quick transaction, this obviously has benefits but also needs to be managed correctly with the correct advice to ensure a successful outcome for you.

    Buying a home at auction

    Research here is the key to success. Once you have identified properties that you are interested in we will need to request the legal information for that property from the seller’s solicitor. This information will contain information on the property such as the title deeds and relevant searches at this point Tinsdills Solicitors can review that information with you to advise on any potential issues with the property before you place a bid.

    Selling a home at auction

    If you decide that selling your property at auction might be a good solution for you then our auction property conveyancing team can advise you to ensure that process goes as smoothly as possible, from the initial preparation of the sales packs to ensuring the recovery of costs associated with the search fees.

    To sell your property at auction you will require a property pack which will inform potential buyers about key information such as the current title deeds, local authority, drainage and any special conditions of sale.

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