Cosmetic Surgery Compensation
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Cosmetic Surgery Compensation

What Types of Cosmetic Surgery Claims Do We Handle?

  • Facelifts
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Defective or substandard products
  • And much more…

Expert Cosmetic Surgery Injury Solicitors

Has your cosmetic surgery gone wrong or caused you injury? You might have a claim. We handle cosmetic surgery claims of all kinds, securing deserved compensation for our clients on a regular basis.

Cosmetic surgery is something that brings joy to some, and acts as a necessity for others. Thankfully, the standard of this practice in the UK tends to be extremely high, and patients are often delighted by the results. Unfortunately however, this isn’t always the case. A minority of surgeons specialising in cosmetic procedures do offer a below par standard of care that is both unsatisfactory and potentially dangerous. Some can even lead to errors during surgery, which can result in life changing scarring or injury.

Anyone undergoing a medical procedure, especially one as sensitive as cosmetic surgery, are putting an enormous amount of trust in their medical professional. As such, they reasonably expect them to be fully trained and competent. It is also a reasonable expectation to be kept as safe as possible during a procedure, and for all risks to be kept as low as they can be. Following this, a patient can expect aftercare and recovery help that is of an equally high standard.

Do you feel as though the level of care you were given during the process of your cosmetic surgery wasn’t high enough? Were you injured in some way as a result of this low standard of care? If so, you may well have a claim for compensation.

Get in touch with our team of experts, all of whom are well versed in cosmetic surgery compensation claims and deliver a service of professionalism & sensitivity. Call 01782 652363 today or email us at, to receive professional advice on your next steps, the likelihood of success in your claim and what kind of compensation you could receive should your claim be successful.

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    Experienced Handling of Cosmetic Surgery Claims

    medical negligence claims

    Our professional team have experience in dealing with cosmetic surgery claims of all kinds. These include but are not limited to the following:

    If done wrong, facelifts can be life changing for the wrong reasons. We can get you back on track with a cosmetic surgery compensation claim.

    Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)
    If done incorrectly or negligently, this can lead to bleeding, eye injury, loss of smell and more. If you have suffered any of these, start your claim today.

    Burnt hair
    Had a hair problem that wasn’t your fault? If a hair procedure has left you with burnt/damaged hair or scalp, we can help you with your claim today and get the compensation you deserve.

    Further damage to hair
    Damage to hair can cause physical pain and emotional distress. Talk to our team about your claim today and we can guide you through the process. Claims for damage to hair can include:

    – Barber Disaster Claims
    – Braids, Weaves & Relaxers Claims
    – Hair Bleach Damage Claims
    – Hair Dye Injury Claims
    – Hair Perm Injury Claims
    – Beauty Salon Negligence Claims

    Eyelash treatments
    If you have been injured as a result of eyelash treatment (dye, tint or extensions), then you may well have a claim. From reactions and infections to blistering, the effects can be long lasting. We can handle your claim today.

    Brow lifts
    One of the more minor surgeries listed here, poor care can still lead to significant pain and distress. As such, you may have a valid claim.

    Laser skin resurfacing
    The risks attached to surgical procedures on skin include scarring, burns and changes in pigmentation, all of which can be life changing. If this sounds like you, it may be time to start your journey with us.

    Cosmetic dentistry
    Teeth are important for every day confidence. As such, poor cosmetic dentistry can have a negative effect on people’s lives. If you are in this situation, call us today.

    Given the sensitive nature of cosmetic surgery injury – we provide all of our advice on these cases with the utmost sympathy and necessary sensitivity that the situation demands. Our team are trained at handling cases such as these, and as such will be on hand to deliver the most professional and human legal advice you could hope to find.

    Tummy tucks or gastric band surgery
    These procedures are often done out of medical necessity, making a high standard of care crucial. If not, the results can be dangerous – and you most likely have a case.

    Defective or substandard products
    Utilising defective products in these procedures amounts to negligence, particularly if this has caused injury. Take the first step to getting the compensation you need.

    “My solicitor was excellent in managing my claim and advising me. Thank you for believing in me, believing in my case and winning it for me. Others didn’t and though it was too hard to win against a local council.”

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