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Please be aware that Tinsdills are only able to accept a maximum £10,000 per client, if you need to send more than £10,000 please see the back of your invoice for our bank details and instructions of how to pay.
For your protection and ours, we do not display our bank details online but if you don’t have your invoice to hand, we can provide you with our bank details again, simply call 01782 262031 and ask to speak to the person dealing with your matter or a member of the accounts department.

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    100% Secure Transactions

    Refund Policy:
    Occasionally we will need to refund money from client account, if this has been paid to us by credit / debit card we can refund the money direct to the card that it was paid from.
    Examples of what may cause us to send a refund:
    • If you pay up front for a fixed fee interview but decide in advance not to go ahead with the interview.
    • If you pay monthly on account of fees but the fees total less than you have paid by the end of your matter.
    • If you have paid an amount to complete a property matter but searches or registration fees are less than expected.