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    Spinal Injury Claims Including Paraplegia & Tetraplegia

    Accident caused spinal injuries are among the most severe and life-changing personal injuries.

    Raising spinal injury claims can be complex and requires a high level of skill and expertise.

    If you plan on making a claim for a spinal injury ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Gain representation from our expert solicitors who handle severe injury claims.

    Spinal Injuries: Taking Legal Action Following Tetraplegia/Quadriplegia and Paraplegia Claims

    Due to the spine’s importance to the body, a minor injury can have a significant impact on your everyday life.

    The most serious types of spinal injury include tetraplegia and quadriplegia. Both can have a great impact not only on your life but also the lives of your loved ones.

    For this reason, tetraplegia and paraplegia claims attract high levels of compensation. Our specialist solicitors will ensure you receive compensation for all areas of loss.

    What is Quadriplegia?

    Quadriplegia, sometimes referred to as tetraplegia, refers to a spinal cord injury above the first thoracic vertebra. Such an injury often results in a degree of paralysis in all four limbs.

    The injury can often be so severe that it can affect breathing. It can lead to extreme difficulties throughout your life.

    What is Paraplegia?

    Paraplegia occurs in spinal cord injuries below the first thoracic spinal levels with those suffering such injuries usually being able to use their arms and their hands.

    The extent of such injuries in paraplegia differs greatly and can depend on the seriousness of the initial injury.

    Spinal Cord Injuries

    The above conditions are the most common spinal cord injuries. Not all result in tetraplegia or paraplegia. In fact, lower spinal cord injuries often cause varying issues.

    Many types of accidents can cause spinal cord injury. People often sustain them as a result of negligence on behalf of another.

    If this describes your circumstances, and your injury was at least partially caused by the fault of another, you could be entitled to make a personal injury claim and claim compensation for your loss.

    Why Choose Tinsdills To Handle Your Serious Injury Claim

    With over 50 years’ experience in managing personal injury claims and spinal cord injury cases, you can be rest assured that by working with our expert lawyers, your claim is in safe hands.

    Our team of solicitors can provide you with expert advice on what action you can take, what you may be entitled to and what you can expect if you decide to take legal action.

    At Tinsdills, we know the pain and difficulty that a spinal cord injury can cause, and that is why we strive to help you feel confident that your claim is making progress.

    Our lawyers will outline in detail what may be required to make a claim and what evidence should be provided. We pride ourselves in our ability to going the extra mile for our clients, and we will work with you to build the strongest possible claim.

    As spinal injury claims can often result in a significant amount of compensation, it is vital that you use a specialist personal injury solicitor to make sure that you get the maximum compensation owed to you.

    Members of the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA)

    We are accredited members of the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) and have experience in dealing with such claims. By using our team of solicitors, you be can be assured that you are dealing with experienced, knowledgeable spinal cord injury claims experts.

    The SIA is just one of the many accreditations we enjoy with our solicitors also accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) as well as the Law Society and Headway.

    The number of accreditations comes as a result of the high level of advice and representation we aim to provide, and the trust our company has generated through our excellent client service and dedication to our clients.

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