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Family matters have become increasingly complicated as the ‘family’ continues to evolve. Some matters may involve partners with children from a former relationship or a same sex marriage with adopted children.

When it comes to divorce, the breakdown of a relationship can be a particularly stressful and traumatic experience. As such, we always make sure to provide much-needed support and guidance in the event of these experiences.

Coupled with our vital legal expertise and services offered, we provide a comprehensive Family Law service that gives you everything you need and more. 

In situations where children may be at risk, we work quickly to protect them if there is any concern over their welfare. This may include disputes regarding living arrangements, disputed parentage, and parental responsibility.

We offer a sensitive and personal family service by supporting and advising through what is, for many people, a very difficult and traumatic time.

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    What is Family Law?

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    Family Law is a specialist area of law that focuses on all aspects of the family. It is an area that has become increasingly more complicated as the ‘family’ continues to evolve. We offer a personal, sensitive family service, supporting and advising you through what is often a very difficult time for many people.

    We have a team of trusted professionals who are accustomed to dealing with the many complexities of modern family life. Modern dynamics, shifting cultural attitudes, and additional pressures of everyday life make legal issues surrounding family more complex— making it more important than ever to seek professional advice. It’s exactly those issues that we are so adept at addressing.

    Tinsdills Solicitors are on hand to give you the help you deserve in tackling these issues and more. From support and guidance to expertly honed legal advice that will make your entire journey more comfortable, we cover all angles of this crucial legal area.

    We frequently help people get the best Family legal advice and options for their specific needs, and we believe that expertise and know-how is crucial to positive outcomes in Family cases.

    There are also alternative methods of dealing with Family legal issues. One such method is Collaborative Law. The Collaborative Law process is a relatively new way of dealing with family disputes. This resolves issues through face-to-face meetings between the parties and their legal advisors, rather than through the more traditional approach of negotiations by letter or telephone.

    The aim of Collaborative Law is to achieve a fair and time-effective solution in which the parties feel more involved in the process, which in turn helps to reduce conflict and stress.

    All types of family matters, including separation or divorce, financial matters, and disputes involving children, can be resolved using the Collaborative Law process. If you wish to know more about Collaborative Law and what’s involved, feel free to get in touch and we will put you in contact with one of our specialists in this area.

    “I would like to thank you for all of your help throughout this process. It’s been a long a difficult time, but I can now finally close this chapter thanks to the amazing work of your team.”

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