Finances on Divorce

Finances on Divorce

Our specialist lawyers can provide a full range of support regarding divorce and finances, to include:

  • Support to reach a financial settlement
  • Obtaining a clean break order
  • Divorce and pensions advice
  • Specialist legal support with divorce and finances (including protecting your finances, and suspected non-disclosure of assets)

When going through a divorce, making financial arrangements is a key concern for both parties. Finances on divorce can be rather complicated, giving rise to a diverse range of circumstances and having a high potential for disputes.

At Tinsdills, we have extensive experience in helping couples to arrange their finances when getting divorced, offering tailor made advice to suit your situation.

We understand that many couples are worried about their finances, whether it’s losing assets, or having enough money to cover their children’s living expenses. Rest assured, our team will offer compassionate and practical support throughout whilst always remaining honest about your options.

Initial appointments with our family law team are priced at £125 + VAT. Please note we do not accept Legal Aid enquiries for Family Law work.

To arrange an initial appointment with one of our divorce and finance solicitors in Hanley, Leek, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, or Sandbach please call 01782 652300 or use the enquiry form on the right hand side of the page.

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    Our Expertise with Divorce and Finances

    When you are getting divorced, one of the most pressing tasks is to untangle your finances from those of your ex-spouse. A financial settlement refers to an agreement which establishes how finances will be divided between divorcing spouses. These settlements cover assets, savings, property, pensions, debts and so forth.

    Whether you and your spouse are in agreement about finances, or are in dispute, we can support you to disclose your assets and negotiate a voluntary financial agreement.

    At Tinsdills, we are able to help the vast majority of divorcing couples to reach voluntary financial agreements without the need for Court processes. In rarer cases where couples cannot reach a voluntary settlement, we can offer support and representation in Court as a last resort.

    To learn more about financial settlements during divorce please visit our financial settlements page.

    A clean break order refers to a financial order which is used to cut financial ties between divorcing spouses. Obtaining a clean break affords both parties financial independence and prevents individuals from making financial claims against their ex-partner in the future.

    Without a clean break order, either party is permitted to raise a claim on their ex-spouses’ assets later down the line, no matter how long since the divorce.

    Our expert solicitors at Tinsdills can help clients to obtain a clean break order, to ensure that their finances are well protected, both now and in the future.

    Pensions are covered under matrimonial assets, meaning that you may be legally entitled to a portion of your partners pension, or vice versa. There are various options to handle pensions during a divorce, including:

    • Pension offsetting– One spouse waives the right to the others pension and gains the right to different and equivalent assets
    • Pension sharing – Meaning that a percentage of one spouse’s pension is put into a separate pension scheme to benefit the other spouse
    • Pension attachment– The Court orders that one spouse will receive a certain percentage of the other spouse’s pension on the regular basis

    As well as advice on financial settlements, child maintenance and pensions, we can also provide specialised advice on the following divorce and finance topics:

    • General advice on protecting your finances during a divorce
    • Business and divorce advice, including each spouse’s entitlements to joint or individually owned businesses, and the options for dividing a business
    • Support throughout the financial disclosure process
    • Legal assistance if you believe that your spouse is hiding assets, or if you’ve been accused of hiding assets

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    Our central goal is to satisfy our client’s needs. Here’s just a few of them, in their own words, detailing how we do exactly that.

    “I have been going through a very messy divorce and Heather and Tinsdills have been my rock. Her advice has been invaluable and she has kept me from going in all gung ho in the divorce proceedings. I would highly recommend their services and I’m still using them for my ongoing issues.”

    “I was really pleased with my solicitor Karen with all the help and support she gave me regarding my situation. Would highly recommend.”

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    Do you want to discuss divorce and finances further? We have expertise in this area and more.

    With a dedicated team on hand to take you through every step of the process, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the best chance of getting the outcome you are looking to achieve.

    Initial appointments with our family law team are priced at £125 + VAT. Please note we do not accept Legal Aid enquiries for Family Law work.

    To arrange an appointment with one of our divorce and finance solicitors in Hanley, Leek, Newcastle-Under-Lyme or Sandbach, please call 01782 652300 or use the enquiry form on the right hand side of the page.

    Finances on Divorce FAQs

    When a couple get divorced their finances are split between the two, according to their specific situation. The parting couple will need to make a voluntary financial settlement, or apply to the Court for assistance if they cannot agree between themselves.

    All matrimonial assets are covered in a financial settlement which usually includes property, savings, assets, pensions, and businesses. Whilst a 50/50 split is a theoretical start point, it is rather rare that finances are shared equally.

    The Court makes various considerations to determine a fair settlement, including:

    • Contributions to the marriage, both financial and non-financial
    • The earning capacity of both spouses
    • How long they have been married

    Yes, in order to reach a financial settlement, it is a legal requirement that both parties offer a full disclosure of their finances.

    Attempting to hide assets could land you in legal trouble and mean that your ex-spouse has the right raise a financial claim against you later down the line.

    If you believe that your spouse is hiding assets, or you have been accused of doing so, please contact our divorce lawyers for assistance.

    To protect your finances in a divorce, it is advisable to work with an expert divorce and finances solicitor. Our specialists at Tinsdills can offer bespoke advice, help you to realise your needs, and guide you to make financial arrangements that protect your interests.

    If you are happily married yet would like to protect your financial interests in the event of a divorce, we can help you to create a post-nuptial agreement. For more information see our post-nuptial agreements page.

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