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We have an established track record over many years of successfully bringing and defending professional negligence claims against professionals such as:

  • Solicitors
  • Barristers
  • Accountants
  • Architects

We also cover general Dispute Resolution cases for a range of clients.

What Is Professional Negligence?

Professional Negligence may be defined as the failure of a professional to take reasonable care when engaged by an individual, where this failure causes financial loss. 

The standard for judging whether a professional’s behaviour is reasonable will be the standard of care one would expect from a competent practitioner in the same profession. Where a professional has departed from the reasonably acceptable standard, they are likely to have acted negligently.

Professionals and their insurers will use highly experienced solicitors and barristers to defend your claim, so it is essential that you can match that experience with your own experienced professional negligence solicitors.

Have I Got A Professional Negligence Claim?

If your complaint relates to poor service you should approach the relevant professional, who is likely to have their own complaints procedures.

To pursue a Professional Negligence claim, in addition to demonstrating that the professional fell below the reasonable standard required of them, this failure must have been the cause of a financial loss you may have sustained.

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    Personal Solicitor Negligence Claims

    When we seek the advice of a solicitor, we expect to receive a professional, dedicated service that works with our best interests at heart.

    Unfortunately, there are occasions when people are let down by their solicitors, believing that their matter has not been handled competently or with the consideration that it deserved.

    Our team of knowledgeable and committed staff provide a proactive service, supporting you in the pursuit of your claim.

    We are members of the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association (PNLA).

    Circumstances in which the professional conduct of a solicitor might make a professional negligence claim necessary include:

    • Missing any crucial deadlines in court cases.
    • Bad, incorrect or reckless advice.
    • Ignoring your instructions or following them incorrectly, during vital parts of a case.
    • Making errors when preparing a will or administering an estate.
    • Making mistakes during the preparation of a Will or Estate Administration.
    • Wrongly handling a property sale, purchase or lease in a manner that adversely affects your own legal rights.
    • Compensation claims that end in an inadequate settlement (under-settling).
    • Bad handling of a court case that results in a case being thrown out.

    Personal Injury Claim Negligence

    It is an unfortunate fact that solicitors can sometimes get the law wrong. If this happens then it could mean your personal injury claim may be unsettled i.e. you receive less compensation than you should have been entitled to, which may be many thousands of pounds.

    • Was your personal injury claim settled in the last 6 years, and despite reassurances from your legal and medical advisors, your symptoms have not gone away?
    • Were you forced by your insurance company to use a firm of solicitors that were unknown to you and out of your area?
    • Did your solicitor have experience of dealing with similar complex cases or cases involving specific industries such as ceramics and pottery?
    • Were you pressured to settle your claim quickly without any medical reports?

    Property Solicitor Negligence

    Buying and selling property and land is often a straightforward process, particularly if you have a knowledgeable property lawyer dealing with your transaction.

    However, buying and selling transactions involve many steps before completion and the procedure can be complex.

    As a result, poor handling of property law results in the highest number of professional negligence claims against solicitors compared with other areas of law, a trend that seems to be increasing as more people seek cut-price buying and selling assistance on the Internet.

    Each stage in a property transaction must be completed properly and timely to protect your interests.

    If there is an error in a particular stage, a serious problem could arise – and you may not realise the consequences until after the transaction has been finalised, when it is probably too late.

    What Consititutes Negligence By Property Solicitors?

    Negligence by property solicitors may take many forms including:

    • Not taking into account clients’ specific instructions
    • Failing to undertake all necessary searches such as Coal Authority or Cheshire Brine search
    • Failing to advise fully on the extent of the land to be purchased
    • Failure to ensure the plan of the land is accurate
    • Failing to advise on the implications of joint ownership, particularly in the event of a relationship breakdown
    • Failure to identify defects in the legal title to or ownership of the property
    • Failure to register property at the Land Registry
    • Failure to advise on a restriction affecting the property
    • Missing an important deadline

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