Case Studies

Machine Severs Finger Resulting in Five Figure Settlement

Our client was at his place of employment and was cutting a large sheet of plastic. He completed the task and turned off the machine using the only accessible off switch. Whilst moving the cut sheet of plastic with a colleague, it began to move and his hand came into contact with the blade which, notwithstanding being turned off, was still moving and cut across the fingers of our client’s hand.

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Slip at Work Causes Ankle Injury

Our client was at their place of employment and noticed that there was an obstruction in an area in which our client needed to remove stock. Our client reported this obstruction to their line manager as they were unable to remove the obstruction themselves. The following day when they attended for work they once again had to retrieve some stock and the obstruction was still in place. 

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Worker Injured by Reversing Truck Receives Five Figure Settlement

Our client was at his place of work in the works yard, when a truck was being driven and started to reverse towards him. The driver of the truck did not see our client and our client did not have enough time to move out of the way. He jumped onto the back of the truck as it was moving; hanging from his left arm. He had only undergone surgery to this arm 3 months before the accident to surgically repair a tear to his tendon.

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