Megan Poyser

Megan Poyser

Senior Associate

Megan is a Senior Associate in the Personal Injury & Compensation department. Megan specialises in accidents at work & public places, and road traffic accident claims involving vulnerable road users (such as cyclists and pedestrians).

Megan joined Tinsdills as a paralegal in June 2009 and went on to qualify as a solicitor with Tinsdills in 2014.

Examples of Megan’s recent work include acting on claims for:

  • A warehouse worker who fractured their ankle when falling between a lorry trailer and dock leveller whilst unloading goods.
  • A cyclist who sustained arm injuries when knocked from their bike by a car on a roundabout.
  • A gas engineer who was bitten by a dog when visiting a customer’s home.
  • An office worker whose chair collapsed resulting in an arm and wrist injury.
  • A railway construction worker whose hand was crushed by a cement trolley partially amputating one of their fingers.
  • A pedestrian who sustained knee injuries after tripping over a lump on concrete on a council run car park.
  • A warehouse worker who sustained ankle and head injuries after a step collapsed.
  • The driver of a skip lorry who sustained arm injuries after falling from their vehicle when part of the chassis framework collapsed due to negligent repair work.
  • A pedestrian who sustained facial injuries after stepping into a large pothole whilst crossing the road.
  • A cyclist who sustained multiple injuries after a car made a right turn across the cyclist’s path.

Megan aims to help her clients through every step of the claims journey by explaining all of the necessary elements fully and in plain English.

If you would like to discuss how Megan can help you, please do not hesitate to contact her by email at or by telephone on 01782 652360