The Tempest – Environmental Searches

The Tempest – Environmental Searches

The latest revision of the play of that name dwells on the man made nature of the Tempest and how delicate eco systems are, with Ferdinand, Prince of Naples collecting plastic waste from the sea shore.

And whilst Prospero claimed to have control over the elements in a way that we clearly don’t, its perhaps a useful reminder of the importance of climate change and environmental considerations for us and for future generations.

Everything that we do, from zero carbon armed forces to smart water meters, will be affected by environmental considerations.

But what about where we choose to live? How will we exercise choice based on the information available to us?

Whilst we’ve known about contaminated land since the 1980s, and the importance of mining searches since before that, both as a result of our industrial heritage, how will these new considerations affect buying a house?

It may be that properties with renewal energy solutions, or which are capable of these with minimal investment, like solar panels or ground source heat pumps, may be valued differently. Construction will certainly change, and minimal energy efficiency requirements for properties will become the norm.

But it’s more basic than that.

Will the house that I am buying now be affected by climate change in the future?

What about surface flooding, river flooding, subsidence or erosion?

We think that these are important questions.

That’s why as our standard environmental search we offer a search which provides a simple to follow analysis to determine if what is probably the biggest investment of your lives will be affected by climate change in the next 30 years.

This is a ground-breaking addition to our usual high standard of service; it’s so new that we don’t yet have any Law Society guidance, or guidance from lenders or valuers, on how to address climate change considerations.

We’d like to think that this is the start of a new way of looking at where we live, how we get there and what we leave for future generations.