Trampoline Park Injuries on the Rise in the UK
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Trampoline Park Injuries on the Rise in the UK

With Spring now upon us and Summer to look forward to, when the weather is fine we all enjoy the great outdoors whether that be playing sports, walking or one of the many other physical activities summer tends to inspire. When the great British weather turns wet and windy we often head indoors with family and friends to the cinema, swimming and leisure centres, or perhaps increasingly to trampoline parks.

A recent report for BBC 5 Live’s Daily programme show stated that the number of trampoline parks had increased from 37 in November 2015 to 144 in early March 2017.

No-one wants to suffer an accident when enjoying any of these activities, but accidents do unfortunately happen from time-to-time.

Accidents at Trampoline Parks

The BBC 5 Live report highlighted this issue and stated that ambulances were called to trampoline parks in the UK more than 300 times in a year, with Flip Out Stoke having the highest rate of call outs amongst the 13 ambulance trusts that responded – 17 times in 109 days, or once every 6 days since it opened in December 2015.

No-one would wish to prevent people from enjoying sporting and fun activities, and a lot of the types of activities that we all enjoy will carry an element of risk that we all accept when participating in them. However, all venues have a duty to ensure that we are kept reasonably safe when we are there and are not exposed to an unnecessary risk of injury.

Injury Claims – Get Expert Advice

There will be different requirements and obligations placed on venues depending upon the type of activity that is undertaken, but if you do suffer an injury whilst participating in a sporting or physical activity then get in touch with our experts at Tinsdills, all of whom are experienced at dealing with these types of personal injury claims.

We will be able to discuss your accident with you, and if there has been fault on the part of the venue we will be able to guide you through the claims process every step of the way to ensure that you receive the treatment you require to get back on your feet, and to secure you the compensation you deserve.

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