Golf Accident Claim
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Golfing Injury

Settlement: £7,250

What Happened?

Our client was struck in the face by a golf ball at a golf simulator as a result of faulty netting.

Our client sustained a broken nose and required an operation to rectify this.

Tinsdills Solicitor: Paul Woolliscroft – Paul joined our personal injury department in February 2010 dealing mainly with employers’ and occupiers’ liability claims.

How Tinsdills Helped

The defendants denied liability but did make an offer of £1,250 to settle our client’s claim.

We advised our client that this was not an appropriate settlement and medical evidence was obtained, which recommended a further operation to our client’s nose.

The Defendants did not admit liability or make any appropriate settlement proposals and so we issued court proceedings to progress our client’s claim.


Through the court process, we continued to negotiate and eventually agreed a settlement of our client’s claim in the sum of £7,250.00 without needing to attend court.

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