The Rising Cost of Separation; New Court Fees
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The Rising Cost of Separation; New Court Fees

The introduction of the Court Fees (Miscellaneous Amendments) Order 2021 came into force on 30th September 2021, bringing with it an increase in Court fees for the first time since 2016. The new Family Court fees have risen significantly by around 8% to bring them in line with the rate of inflation. 

Some of the following Court fees have been affected by the new price increases:

  • The Court fee payable on Divorce Proceedings has increased by just under 8% from £550.00 to £592.00. 
  • The fee payable on Application for Financial Orders, for those who are unable to agree financial terms, has also gone up by nearly 8% to £275.00. 
  • The fee to apply for a Child Arrangements Order (residence or contact) has increased by 6% to £232.00.

A full list of Court fee increases can be found here The Court Fees (Miscellaneous Amendments) Order 2021

On a positive note, Applications for Injunctions to protect victims of domestic abuse or harassment will not attract a fee.

Applicants in receipt of certain benefits may also be exempt from payment of Court fees, and those in receipt of low incomes should be able to apply for fees to be reduced. 

Most family disputes can be resolved without the need of Court intervention, with exception to Divorce, which requires court proceedings to be sought and unfortunately can attract a hefty fee unless you are entitled to a means tested reduction.  

At Tinsdills our experienced Family Law team can advise on how to resolve a variety of family disputes without the need to pursue Court Proceedings, and when Court Proceedings are necessary, our team have a wealth of experience in guiding our clients through every step of the process. 

To find out more, get in touch to book an initial consultation with one of our friendly Family Law Solicitors.