Wedding Law Reforms: from something old, to something new!

Wedding Law Reforms: from something old, to something new!

The Law Commission has recommended an overhaul of the current laws surrounding weddings in England and Wales. Following concerns around the effectiveness of the current rules governing weddings, the Government has requested the Law Commission perform a review of what has been described as an “out-of-date” system.

With an increasingly diverse society, it comes as no surprise that more and more regulations are falling short of modern needs, and these proposals will provide the much needed first step in offering a fairer and more consistent approach to wedding ceremonies.

Family Law Solicitor, Heather Arnold comments, “The reforms proposed by the Law Commission will provide couples with the freedom to hold a wedding ceremony at an increased range of locations, with a more personalised service, meaning ceremonies may be more individual or meaningful to couples. Notably, under the reforms, weddings would be guided by universal rules allowing couples greater scope to hold a ceremony which is not only respecting of their religious, or non-religious beliefs, but also without the need to choose from specific, limited venues.”

With access to a greater number of venues, the new reforms may also provide an opportunity for couples to save money without losing out on quality of service or atmosphere. Currently the demand for wedding ceremonies is at an all time high, with many couples who missed out on their original ceremony during the pandemic, taking priority on current bookings.

Heather continues, “There is presently a backlog of weddings due to Covid 19 and the reforms may enable couples to marry without delay and potentially, at a lower cost. In 2021, the average cost of a wedding was reported at £17,300. Ultimately, this will create a fairer system for couples and Tinsdills welcome proposals to allow couples to marry wherever and however they choose.”

You can read the Law Commission’s findings here:

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