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  • Do employers have a right to read employee’s private messages?

    Yes in some circumstances say the ECHR Judges in a recent ruling. In that case the employee had breached the employer’s social media policies and therefore the employer had every right to check up on the employee.

    However, the ECHR also said that unregulated snooping on employees would not be acceptable.

    Elaine Goodwin from Tinsdills Solicitors says “This case highlights the importance of the employer having suitable policies in place and the employee being aware of and adhering to those policies.”


    Sourced from The Independent: 13 January 2016

    Companies have the right to monitor their workers’ online private messages, a European court has ruled.

    The European Court of Human Rights made the ruling on a case involving a Romanian engineer who was fired after using Yahoo Messenger not only to communicate with professional contacts, but also to send messages to his fiancée and brother.

    The Strasbourg court sided with his employer that it was “not unreasonable that an employer would want to verify that employees were completing their professional tasks during working hours.”

    The judge dismissed the Barbulescu’s claim that his right to privacy had been breached in the form of his confidential correspondence being compromised.


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