Residential Landlords – Did you know the rules on EPC’s are changing?
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Residential Landlords – Did you know the rules on EPC’s are changing?

As a Landlord, there are certain requirements regarding a Property’s Energy Performance certificate (EPC), which must be adhered to before a Property can be let.

In 2018 the government introduced a minimum energy rating of “E” or above for all new tenancies granted from 1st April 2018.

Changes to the Minimum Energy Efficiently Standards were announced in 2021 which will affect Landlords from 2025 and this rule now applies to all tenancies, not just new tenancies or renewals. As a Landlord, if your Property does not have a valid EPC rating of E or above it cannot be legally let.

After a government consultation in December 2020, changes were announced and it was proposed that by 2025 all rental properties will need an EPC rating of “C” or above. These new regulations will firstly be introduced to new tenancies, followed by a requirement that all tenancies should meet this criteria from 2028.

The purpose of the new regulations is to make homes more energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions as part of the target to be net-zero by 2050.

Landlords should also be aware that the penalty for not having a valid EPC will also be raised from £5000.00 to £30,000.00 from 2025.

If you have any questions regarding the proposed changes please contact one of the Commercial Property Team on 01782 652300.