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  • The Real Pros and Cons of DIY Divorce

    The term ‘DIY Divorce’ refers to a divorce or dissolution that takes place with little or no legal assistance. This means that the various stages of your divorce are handled by you personally, rather than by a solicitor.

    More specifically, you’ll go through the process of drafting your Divorce Petition/completing your Acknowledgement of Service Form, completing your Decree Nisi and your Decree Absolute personally.

    There are many reasons why you might be inclined to opt for a DIY divorce, but equally, there are many reasons why a DIY divorce may work out to be more costly and time consuming than opting for legal help.

    Here we will outline the pros and cons of a DIY divorce so that you may make an informed decision about which option works best for your situation.

    the risks of DIY divorce


    The most significant positive to a DIY divorce is that if they’re done correctly, they could ultimately save you money.

    They’re great for people with really straightforward circumstances. If you are in a marriage with no children, money or assets then you may not benefit from hiring a solicitor.

    DIY divorces also mean that you can proceed with the dissolution at your own pace, on a personal level.

    Not having the practicalities of your divorce managed by a solicitor means that you’re able to decide when to move forwards based on what feels right for you, rather than what a legal professional believes to be best.


    ‘Legalese’ isn’t for everyone – the nature and volume of necessary paperwork to get divorced can be daunting, unsettling and unfeasible for some people to complete.

    Having someone there to simplify the process and explain everything so that you’re totally sure of what you’re signing ensures that the process is significantly less of a burden on you that it would be otherwise.

    Even if your marriage or civil partnership ends on good terms, it can be tricky to ensure that you get a fair settlement. Having an expert in your corner looking at protecting your position is often the difference between leaving a marriage with nothing or leaving it with a fair settlement that truly reflects your entitlement.

    No matter how amicable you and your spouse may be, the divorce process is, by nature, emotionally wearing. Formally ending your marriage can be a difficult and deeply personal process. Professionals are used to managing your emotions, which means that they are able to guide you through the decision-making process so that you feel confident that each decision is made rationally.

    Even if you consider your situation to be straightforward, many cases rely on the judgement and professional skill of a solicitor, who knows exactly how the process works, and how to guide you through it in a manner that makes it as comfortable for you as possible.

    Remember that we are all different, so it follows that every divorce is different too.

    If you are looking for legal advice regarding divorce proceedings, feel free to call us on 01782 652300.

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