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  • Update for Hacking Ashton Clients

    We have now completed the auditing and recording of all documents we now hold following the closure of Hacking Ashton LLP and their associated offices. All of these clients have now been contacted by letter to advise them that we have their deeds and related documents

    Tinsdills has a long and enviable record of providing excellent client satisfaction and was chosen as a suitable firm to handle these documents to ensure continued high quality service for clients of the former Hacking Ashton and its associated firms.We understand that the transfer of documents may cause some concern but there is no need to be worried. Tinsdills Solicitors will continue to provide safe storage for your documents free of charge for as long as you require in our dedicated secure storage facility.

    We are also aware that some documents such as Wills have been sent onto other firms out of the area. If you’d prefer to have all of your documents together, please contact us on 01782 652396 and we can arrange to send you a transfer request form.

    Tinsdills Solicitors are not in any way associated with Hacking Ashton LLP or any of their subsidiary offices.

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